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The Brand

Workout on the World's First Inflatable Floating Exercise Mat

Originated from London in 2014, FloatFit is currently in more than 55 countries. 

FloatFit Singapore is the official channel for FloatFit in Singapore

The Programme

FloatFit HIIT


High intensity interval training on water

A full body workout class which requires high energy level. Despite being a physically demanding class, it is beneficial for all fitness levels. 

Expect to burn up to 360 calories in 30 minutes



Merge breath and movement to strengthen body and mind

Inspired by Yoga and Pilates, this class challenge balance and boost mental wellbeing. It also helps to improve body imbalance and strengthen core stability.

Expect to burn up to 275 calories in 30 minutes.

FloatFit GROW


Fun and fitness for children - and families

Start young and stay active. This class is filled with actions to encourage lifelong love for fitness. Suitable for 7 years onwards. Family members are welcome to join in for this class. 

Expect to burn up to 320 calories in 30 minutes.

The Equipment



The Original Floating Exercise Mat

The lightest, strongest and most compact on the market – optimising your workout and the space in your pool

The Master Trainer

Casper Chan


Casper is a certified Exercise Physiologist with more than 10 years of coaching experience. Because of his love for water, Casper is constantly engaged in water sports and activities such as open water swim, triathlons, kayaking, platform diving, and many more.

With all the expertise and experiences that he possessed, Casper is currently the only Master Trainer in Singapore. 

Want to reach out to Casper directly? Email him at

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